Paris in Black and White

Sometimes it takes a long time before a city opens up to you, and even longer until you finally see it. Paris, on the other hand, is quite generous with its magic. You fall in love with its neoclassical architecture and cozy cafes immediately. The city completely lives up to the imagination. In my short time in Paris, I desired to capture the Paris romanticized in my mind and that I have seen portrayed by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Saul Leiter. 

So on my last day in Paris,  I changed the settings on my Fujifilm XT-2 and shot entirely in black and white monochrome.

Through shades of black and white, I finally saw the timeless elegance that lies within the city. So next time you are in a new city or in a place you have been to a billion times, try shooting entirely in black and white. Without color, you can truly see and capture light and shadow.  For digital, you can do this by switching up your settings in-camera, or better yet, just shoot black and white film. Color is just a distraction anyway.


I also shared a little itinerary for the perfect day in Paris, which you can read here!