5 Honest Truths

January 20, 2018

Moodboard inspiration with coffee and film camera by Kayla Mendez

Hello again.

I have re-imagined and re-created this little home on the web many times over. Somewhere in my cycle of creativity, I landed on this page, with this design, and you here reading and I am finally satisfied. Welcome to my corner of the web where I share my photographic journey, creative musings and daily bread.

I want to let you in on the deepest and craziest parts of my journey as a photographer and the “why” behind it all. I want to break down that fourth wall and welcome you into my home with a cup of coffee and an offer to stay as long as you need.

I want to share Five Honest Truths with you about myself and my journey as a photographer.

  1. I didn’t pick up the camera first. I spend much of my college career pursuing a degree in science (an opportunity I consider a privilege) and I am happy to say I will finish with that degree as of May 2018.
  2. I was natural artist, but I didn’t know it. As a child, I would spend every free moment drawing the images I had in my head, but never thought anything could come from it.
  3. I became a photographer by accident. I started taking photography seriously two years ago somewhere between a breakup and a trip to South Asia. I picked up the camera with yet another image in my head and asked a friend to help me create it. From there, I never stopped taking pictures.
  4. There is a lot I still don’t know. I am entirely self-taught and I am learning daily. No one taught me how to hold the camera or run a business. That’s the beauty in this path that I have come to accept and cherish. It has taught me a lot about faith. I am constantly learning, evolving and endlessly creating.
  5. There is more than meets the eye. I believe in creating photos that are unique works of art; photographs that hold stories locked deep inside. As you will quickly learn, everything in the frame is intentional and driven by a concept or message. Sight is the most powerful sense for perception and communication— I plan on using it to its fullest potential.

But I want to get to know you. Let me share five honest truths about who I think YOU are.

  1. You are an artist.  A simple truth. Whatever your passion, craft, side-hustle, job, you name it, you aspire to express yourself through your work and that, my friend, makes you an artist.
  2. You are a visionary. Your dreams are BIG. You might not know what your plans are for dinner tonight but you sure as heck know that you want to change the world with whatever you do.
  3. You are an ocean of creativity. You are filled to the brim with creativity. The world is just dying to know what you have in store.
  4. But sometimes you face seasons of creative dryness. This one is too real and EVERYONE experiences it. Even still, there is beauty in your dry seasons. It gives you a chance to grow, renew, and start again.
  5. You believe in community over competition. We are all in this together. Comparison and competition has the crippling ability to suck the life out of just about everything. But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way and that I am cheering you on! You go chase your dreams!

If even one of these five things describe who you are, then you are my people and I am glad you are here. In the comments below, feel free to share some honest truths about who you are or ask me anything you like! I am an open book.

— K


you and your heart and your vision are so divine. LOVE this! keep on keepin on, lady

love this & love you and what you stand for!

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