"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."
    Vincent Van Gogh

    My photography journey started as a sophomore in college when I was, at the time, pursuing a degree in biochemistry. I have always been an artist and creative since I was a child, but this side of me wasn’t awakened until I traveled and lived in India for two months in 2016. Through the color, sights and sounds of India, I began to fall in love with the idea of using my camera to capture and document stories.

    Since then, I have been a photographer for over 4 years now and my work has taken me all over the world from Indonesia, Paraguay, Ethiopia and beyond to document love stories for couples and create thoughtful content for brands. It is my absolute privilege to be able to to bridge my two greatest passions together⁠—traveling and storytelling⁠— to be able to serve others. My work is largely inspired by the colors of my travels, sunlight, warm tones, landscapes at sunset, impressionist artists, and old vogue editorials. 

    Services —

    Wedding & Elopement Photography 

    Commercial Photography

    Brand Partnerships

    Art Direction

    Travel Collaborations


    Candid — I will always guide you and give you direction but never make you feel over-posed.
    Documentary yet experimental — I will always look to photograph authentically with a creative perspective.
    Collaborative — I love working as a team and I am always open to your ideas, thoughts and concerns.
    Relaxed and a whole lot of fun! — I love being your hype girl behind the camera, she is my alter ego and she sounds something like Johnathan Van Ness.