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            Fashion Editorial x Nude Ethics


            “Wear something honest, or wear nothing at all.”

            One of my biggest side-passions, second only to photography, is sustainable and ethically made clothing. Call me old fashion, but I believe in hand-crafted clothes where you can see the love and sweat sewn right into the stitches. I like to know that the hands that made my clothes where paid the right amount for their work and that my purchases go to support a small local business that I believe in.

            I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with beautifully curated ethical shop, Nude Ethics, based in the UK. I first discovered Jessica and her shop through the good old ‘gram and knew immediately that I wanted to photograph some of her designs as well as some of the other brands that she curated.

            As my muse, I got to work with the wonderful Nas’tassia, and we may or may not have snuck behind the abandoned mansions on Palm Beach Island for these shots. This location was found from pure spontaneity and I seriously couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location.

            Fashion Editorial
            One of my favorite portraits from this shoot. If you look closely, you can see three points of broken symmetry. Can you find them?

            fashion editorial with red house of sunny coat


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            January 21, 2018

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