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    TRAVEL × June 11, 2019 Travel Journal | Iceland Iceland was an unexpected yet welcomed trip for me. To be completely honest, Iceland was never on the top of my bucketlist. In fact, since the wave of photographers that have traveled there, I wrote ... READ MORE PERSONAL × October 27, 2018 My Creative Space | Lessons I’ve Learned as a Freelancer When I decided to move back to West Palm in August and take the leap to become a freelancer, I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time working in the place I called home. Freelancing and wor... READ MORE TRAVEL × August 29, 2018 Jaipur | Travel Guide For so many different reasons, my trips to India have radically changed my life. I have always described India as a hidden gem; its beauty littered between the chaos. Whether it’s the busy city street... READ MORE TRAVEL × July 13, 2018 India, My Heart | Why I started photography "My story is tied to India like beautiful bookends that hold my chapters together. The bow tie conclusion in my great narrative. Why wouldn't I go back to her? She has taught me how to love freely and... READ MORE TRAVEL × June 21, 2018 A Summer in Aix-En-Provence I have never been in a place that embodied a fairytale painting quite like Aix-En-Provence. I fell in love with the way beauty is sewn into the earth and then carried from farm to table. The French cu... READ MORE TRAVEL × May 31, 2018 The Perfect Summer Day in Paris I only spent a few days in this city, but I dare say I have found the perfect day in Paris, France. So, if you are traveling, or planning to travel to Paris, here is a little itinerary for an absolut... READ MORE TRAVEL × May 31, 2018 Paris in Black and White Sometimes it takes a long time before a city opens up to you, and even longer until you finally see it. Paris, on the other hand, is quite generous with its magic. You fall in love with its neoclassic... READ MORE EDITORIAL × April 15, 2018 Saved You a Seat | Fashion Editorial In collaboration with the amazing stylist, Saved You a Seat, we created these timeless looks in their little Miami studio. Pulling from vintage pieces and repurposed props, we let our imaginations run... READ MORE PERSONAL × January 20, 2018 Five Honest Truths Hello again. I have re-imagined and re-created this little home on the web many times over. Somewhere in my cycle of creativity, I landed on this page, with this design, and you here reading an... READ MORE