Campaign – Olympe
    × 08.10.2017

    "I am going to make everything around me beautiful— that will be my life"
    Elsie de Wolfe

    A South Florida native, Kayla Mendez is a portrait and editorial photographer and content creator with a passion for creating beautiful and unique works of art. Her path to photography was not a straight one, but stumbled upon this creative career after a trip to Asia and a new story to tell. Through photography, Kayla is able to bring her vision to life in an ethereal and minimalist style that has caught the eyes of brands and magazines such as Darling Magazine, H collective and many others.

    Her heart longs to collaborate with intimate, small businesses and creatives to capture visuals that help them tell the story of their brand. Her goal is to create work that resonates and connects with the viewer- to tell a story that goes far deeper than the pixels and the frame.